It’s really this simple…
Until there are results, you don’t pay a dime

What exactly do we do?

We offer performance-based business consulting to small businesses throughout the Northeast that are eager to increase profitability and scale, which means that until there are results, you don’t pay a dime.

We put ourselves in your shoes and see the entirety of your business, allowing us to work with you on all areas of operational efficiency, including customer experience, management, branding, pricing, and so much more.


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What is performance-based consulting?

Performance-based consulting brings value to your business first, and that value can come in a variety of forms – increased customer retention, cost reduction, enhanced inventory management, and so forth. No matter the case, the objective always remains the same – to help grow your business’s net profit.

The best part? It reduces uncertainty and eliminates the risk of having to pay for a consultant that can’t guarantee results.

Why performance-based consulting?

Well, let us ask you this – Let’s say, you drop off your fluffy husky at the groomer to get a haircut, but you return to find that she’s nearly as fluffy as she was when you left. How would you feel having to pay for it? Frustrated? Deceived? Scammed?

Unfortunately, this is the norm when it comes to hourly or project-based consulting. You pay up front or as you go, and there are no guarantees of positive results. It’s unethical, and it’s bad business. That’s why we prefer to prove our value to your business before getting paid.


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How does it work?

Instead of consulting with your business all at once, such as in project-based consulting, we work with you a few hours each week for about three to six months. We do this because ideas, decisions, and their implementations take time to properly be considered, adapt, and thrive.

During this time, we’ll not only tackle your business’s most prominent areas of opportunity, but we’ll also recommend solutions to any other areas in need of help. Results are expected to begin developing either during or shortly after the conclusion of the engagement period, leading to increased profitability.

So, how do you know if you're a great fit?

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With BTG as your very own performance-based consultant, you’ll have the expert guidance you’ve always wanted to help turn around your business.


With our extensive business knowledge and experience right by your side, no longer will you have to worry about your every move.


We have a very tight community of strong strategic partners ready to help your business, if necessary, and you’ll have them all right at your fingertips.




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