The success of your small business rests on the strength of the team that you put together to run it.

If you and your employees aren’t tight-knit, there’s a good chance that your business is going to suffer because of it. It’s why you should make every effort to get your employees to bond both when they’re working and when they’re off the clock.

There are some simple team building activities that you can use to achieve this goal if you’re a small business owner. You can encourage your employees to take part in these activities together to get them all on the same page and to build up strong relationships among them.

Check out seven team building activities that can help you build a better culture within your small business below.

1. Volunteer at a Hospital, Nursing Home, or School

As a small business owner, you spend most of your time trying to find ways to generate the highest profits possible. However, you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from giving back to your community whenever you can.

One way to do this while also helping your team building efforts is by setting up volunteer days that involve your entire company. You can volunteer at a hospital, a nursing home, a school, an animal rescue, a park, or just about any other place.

By volunteering, you’ll do something collectively for the good of your city or town. You’ll also find ways to accomplish tasks that need to be done by working together and collaborating in new ways.

2. Work Your Way Out of an Escape Room

As of five years ago, there were only about twenty escape rooms scattered throughout the country. But as of right now, there are about 2,000 of them, and that number is going up every day.

Escape rooms have become popular in large part because of the team building opportunities that they offer.

Whether you take part in an escape room with your family and friends or do it with your coworkers, you’ll spend time working closely with others to achieve a common goal, which is obviously to make it out of a room within an allotted period of time. This can be a lot of fun and will serve as a team building experience without anyone even realizing it.

3. Play a Round of “Hero, Highlight, Hardship”

Do you want to make sure that your small business’ employees are personally invested in one another? Playing “Hero, Highlight, Hardship” is one of the simplest and most effective ways to do it.

To play the game, you go around the room and have each person talk about:

  • A hero who helped change their life
  • A highlight that helped define their life
  • A hardship that helped change their life

Under normal circumstances, your employees probably wouldn’t spend time talking about any of these things. They aren’t likely to come up during the course of a normal conversation.

But during “Hero, Highlight, Hardship,” people have an easy time opening up and sharing personal information about themselves. It creates better connections between people.

4. Learn a New Skill Like Coffee Roasting or Beer Brewing

The key to any good team building activity is getting people to let their guards down and allow others into their world. Learning a new skill is one way to encourage people to let their guards down while enjoying a new experience.

You can bring in an expert in coffee roasting, beer brewing, candle making, or another area and have them teach your employees a new skill. Try to pick a relatively obscure skill that most people won’t have so that all your employees are on a level playing field.

By doing this, you’ll encourage your employees to collaborate to try and master the skill together.

5. Put Together an Intramural Sports Team

Nothing brings people together quite like sports. It’s impossible to take part in a team sport without relying on your teammates for help, which is what makes sports a natural fit for team building.

If you don’t have one set up already, think about putting together an intramural softball, basketball, or soccer team for your employees. Most communities have leagues set up specifically for small business owners who want to assemble sports teams.

By entering one of these leagues, you can get your employees to spend some time together outside of your workplace. This will likely lead to many of them developing friendships in the real world.

6. Schedule a Company-Wide Awards Show

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing simple team building activities is that they show your employees how much you care about them. When you let employees know that they’re appreciated, they’ll work harder for you and have a better attitude day in and day out.

A company-wide awards show can serve as a sign of appreciation and promote team building. Your employees will have a ball at your awards show as you hand out both serious awards like “Most Valuable Employee” and silly awards like “Most Likely to Steal Someone’s Lunch from the Break Room.”

Do your best to include everyone if you can. Your employees should walk away with at least one award that lets them know you appreciate the work they do.

7. Set Up a Foosball Table in an Empty Office

Do you have an empty office, conference room, or another area that isn’t being used for anything right now?

Consider setting up a foosball table, a ping-pong table, a pool table, a dartboard, or something else that will encourage your employees to bond throughout the day.

Whether they use a foosball table to blow off some steam or hold brainstorming meetings over a game of ping-pong, you’ll motivate employees to team build at all times and not just during designated team building activities.

Put These Simple Team Building Activities to Good Use

As you can see, there are so many simple team building activities that you can use to promote positivity and collaboration within your small business.

When you schedule these team building activities, you’ll start to see a difference in the way your employees communicate and work together. It’ll benefit your small business in a big way, even if you only hold team building activities once a month or so.

The point is to incorporate at least some kind of team activity into your small business, and the best part is that you can implement and take part in it at any time and at a place that is most convenient for you.

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