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After several years of buying and selling used downhill skis to turn a profit, Nick Roberge became the founder and owner of his first business at just seventeen years old, while attending the prestigious Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. Five years later, as a graduate from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. degree in management and concentration in entrepreneurship, he elected to sell off his company and enter corporate management as a customer experience specialist, where he would lead his team of 70+ employees to first place in the district and discover a true passion for exceptional customer service, team building, and company culture.

It wasn’t long before Nick left the corporate environment to start several more thriving businesses and begin to dabble in customer experience consulting and technology. However, he couldn’t help but notice the greater impact he could have on other small businesses. A business owner for almost his entire career, Nick decided to become a globally accredited business consultant with a mission to help growing, struggling, and stagnant businesses flourish throughout the United States. He is now the Manager of The Business Turnaround Group and a business investor through his holding company, Nicholas Roberge Enterprises LLC.

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The Business Turnaround Group offers performance-based business consulting to small businesses throughout the United States that are eager to increase profitability and scale. We believe in the power and potential of small business and truly enjoy working with other passionate business owners to help achieve their ultimate goals.

Successful consulting is all about authenticity, integrity, and empathy. It’s about separating the real from the fake, the honest from the distrustful, the compassionate from the uncaring. And when it comes to business, no matter the size, nothing is more crucial.

​At BTG, we’re able to put ourselves in your shoes because we’ve worn the same style and size. We understand the hesitance and doubt that often naturally coincide with the desire to reach out for help. We recognize that trust is earned by consistent, genuine action and not merely by words or credentials. But most importantly, we believe that our commitment to be ethical and turn down an engagement that lies outside our scope of expertise is just as, if not more, compelling than our ability to provide recommendations for groundbreaking results.


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