Success isn’t uniform.  It doesn’t mean the same thing for every business.  For one business, it may mean becoming profitable for the first time.   For another, it may mean capturing a particular percentage of market share.  It may even mean breaking even, as long as the business achieves a 100% employee satisfaction score.

Most businesses, however, define success as either a year-over-year increase in revenue, profit, or profitability, with the latter often being more valuable.  They define success as positive results.  There’s no secret as to why.  Strengthening these three measures enables a business to grow and its owners and employees to keep their jobs and make more money.

If expanding these measures is so important, enough to define the term, then do performance-based consultants guarantee success?

Do Performance-Based Consultants Guarantee Success?

The short answer is no.  Performance-based consultants do not guarantee success, but neither does any other consultant on this planet.  That’s because no consultant can guarantee positive results.

There are simply far too many unknowns and varying elements in the mere profession of consulting.  And if one claims to guarantee success, they’re either not truthful or haven’t consulted with enough businesses to justify their answer.

What Can Performance-Based Consultants Guarantee?

Performance-based consultants, unlike any other type of consultant, can and do guarantee that a business owner only has to pay if there are positive results.  In fact, that’s what makes a consultant performance-based.  Otherwise, no results equals no consultant compensation.

So, why can’t business consultants guarantee success?

Consultants are Experts, But not Wizards

If business consultants could somehow guarantee success, market competition would be a whole lot different from what it is today.  Only businesses with the most money would be able to afford them, and small and medium-sized businesses would be squashed in an instant.

Sure, some business consultants might choose to ignore the money and instead try helping the underdogs, but then the corporate business consultants would waive their magic wands and use the companies’ unrivaled resources to eliminate everyone else.

A business consultant is brought into a business because they have more knowledge, skills, and experience in dealing with certain problems than a business has on its own.  That’s their expertise.

However, their expertise doesn’t guarantee the success of a business.  They aren’t wizards.  It just substantially increases the likelihood of it.

No matter if a business consultant has worked with a thousand businesses, there’s always a small chance that they’ll fail to provide the results needed to help the next business attain success.

Some Things Are out of Their Control

The truth is, the business consultant needs the business owner just as much as the business owner needs the business consultant.

Even though business consultants are proficient at identifying and solving unknown problems, they need the business owner to steer the ship, while they diagnose and correct what’s wrong with it.  Therefore, they rely on the business owner to carry the weight of the things they know best.

As a result, some things are out of the business consultants’ hands.  Although it’s often for good reason, it does, however, present another level of uncertainty and lack of control for the business consultant.

Is the business owner going to do what’s expected of them?  Is it going to be done on time or to the necessary standards?  What if the business owner executes everything perfectly, and the entire project flops?

These are all questions that pose risks, but a business owner’s involvement is just one small aspect that’s out of the business consultants’ control.  There’s even greater unpredictability with matters like the economy and the businesses’ market conditions.

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