Every small business owner wants to hire the best and the brightest. But, doing so can take valuable time away from your business.

In fact, most business owners now spend over three weeks interviewing prospective employees.

Asking the right questions can reduce the amount of time spent in the hiring process while simultaneously ensuring that your business ends up with top talent.

Skip the icebreakers and get to the important issues. Here are ten interview questions for business owners to ask at their next interview.

1. What’s Your Superpower?

This is a better way of asking a candidate about their biggest strengths, as asking, “What’s your biggest strength?” often results in canned answers. Instead, make things more interesting.

Ask a candidate what their superpower is and how it’d help them succeed in the position.

2. What Attracted You to This Position?

This question is as valuable for business owners as it is for candidates. A candidate’s answer can provide insight into how effective your job listings are. You may need to highlight benefits or growth opportunities, for example.

3. What Do You Value in a Team?

Collaboration is a must for successful work. This question can tell you if a candidate is a team player and what they look for in a group of coworkers.

Use their answer to gauge how they’d fit in with your team’s culture.

4. Why Work for a Small Business?

There are thousands of small businesses. Why choose yours?

Their answer may provide insight into their values. Perhaps, they root for the underdog. Or, maybe they’re looking for a long career in the industry.

Like-minded employees are a must for success, so use this question to ensure they’re on the same page.

5. How Do You Resolve Disagreements?

No matter how well your team gets along, there are bound to be disagreements. These disagreements can either strengthen your team or drag them down. Hire someone who can express their differing opinion in a clear, constructive manner.

6. Tell Me About a Time You Failed. How Did You Turn Things Around?

No one can knock it out of the park all the time. Even the most well-planned projects can go wrong. This question allows the candidate to provide anecdote-based proof of their skills.

7. What’s the Most Challenging Task You’ve Worked on and Why?

Like inquiring about a candidate’s greatest strengths, asking about a person’s greatest weakness is likely to result in an unsatisfactory answer. Instead, let their own experience do the talking.

8. Are There Any Other Skills Not Listed on Your Resume?

Resumes are effective, but they’re rarely comprehensive. Often, a candidate will leave off certain skills or interests to save room.

Provide candidates with an opportunity to tell you about relevant skills that haven’t come up yet.

9. What Are Your Hobbies?

Balancing work life with free time is essential for staying happy and productive. Give candidates a chance to open up about themselves and learn what makes them tick.

Certain passions, like art or writing, may even be relevant to the position.

10. Do You Have Any Questions?

The interview process tends to move quickly. Give candidates an opportunity to follow-up on any questions or concerns that weren’t addressed during the interview.

Asking These Interview Questions Will Reduce Hiring Time for Business Owners

Your business is only as strong as its employees. These interview questions can help you find the right person for the job, and fast.

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