Although it may seem like the bulk of a business consultant’s work is performed out in the field, that’s really only half of the story.  In fact, one could argue that what a business consultant does behind the scenes is actually more important than their time spent with clients.  So, what does a business consultant do all day?

Consults with Clients

This is the most obvious task that a business consultant does throughout the day, so let’s just get it out of the way first.

A business consultant consults with their clients on a predetermined schedule, helping them achieve whatever was set out in the consulting agreement.

Manages Their Own Business

Business consultants have their own business to grow, too, you know.

A part of their day or week is usually allocated to managing their own business.  This may include training or supporting their team, responding to emails, sending invoices, or a variety of other things that help their business become more successful.

Meets with Strategic Partners

The majority of business consultants have strategic partners.  These strategic partners are brought in to help the business consultant’s clients when something needs to be done that lies outside the consultant’s scope of expertise.

Meeting with strategic partners frequently, such as once per month or quarter, is an excellent way for a business consultant to continue building a lasting relationship with them.

Screens Prospective Clients

A business consultant should always have a niche, and within that, their ideal client.  If a business consultant takes on any business that comes to them, that’s most likely a big red flag.

Especially when it comes to performance-based consulting, a decent portion of a business consultant’s week or month may be allocated to screening prospective clients.  Whether this means reviewing their prospects’ application or meeting with them in person, this is no quick or easy task.

However, it is one well worth it.  It provides a significantly greater chance of substantial success for both the business owner and the business consultant.

Researches and Learns

This is, by far, the most important element to a business consultant’s success.  In order for a business consultant to truly help and propel their clients’ businesses forward, they must always be researching and learning.  Must it be said again?  Always.

In a business consultant’s world, knowledge truly is power – power to successfully do their job and help their clients succeed.

Whether it’s a research article, white paper, blog post, book, podcast, Youtube video, it doesn’t matter.  A successful and diligent business consultant constantly engulfs themselves in something from which they can learn, at least once per day.

So, What Does a Business Consultant Do All Day?

While it may seem like a lot, remember, these are just a few of the things business consultants do each and every day.

It may seem like a business consultant needs to be out in the field, in order for their clients to succeed, and that’s partially correct.  But, that may actually be counterproductive to their clients’ best interests.

A dedicated, attentive business consultant knows that it’s the things they do behind the scenes that matter the most.

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